Clinical Engagement

South Dakota Health Link Goals

To better understand your current clinical programs, initiatives and workflows and identify opportunities where aligning the services available through SDHL will support you in achieving your program goals and objectives as well as potential opportunities for improvement with current workflows.


We work to understand the specific needs of your entire organization—from corporate Initiatives to front-line healthcare teams and workflows—we identify key areas where aligning the services of SDHL will support your needs.

Value of Clinical Engagement

Our service increases awareness of available services and future plans related to SDHL. We answer your questions about who is contributing data and what they are contributing. We focus on your clinical workflows and identify challenges and opportunities to align with SDHL services. We identify use cases specific to your organization and tailored to each service line and role. This is relevant and of high value to clinicians.

Discovery Session

SDHL discovery sessions are conducted in an open dialogue meeting with an overview of SDHL services. We review clinical workflows and current staffing models as well as current Strategic Initiatives/Metrics/Programs/Use Cases. Our team can also complete discovery through direct workflow observation. Sessions last roughly 60 minutes per department and members need only attend their specific departments session, often part of a session can be attended for busy providers.

Onsite Training

We offer value based education and training aligning use case data with workflow integration support tailored to staffing roles and responsibilities. Our user guides and tool kits are provided at each training and offer another level of education and support. We are building credibility and trust by pulling from our clinical expertise and professional experience during training. Onsite training is completed in 45 minutes to one hour.

Ongoing Support

Follow up, education and training session will be provided at 1 week, 30, 60 and 90 days post go live. Use management reports available for troubleshooting and determination of utilization.

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