About South Dakota Health Link

Health Link For Patients | Better communication. Better care.

If you went to an ER anywhere and couldn’t speak for yourself, what would you want your care providers to know?

Have you ever needed duplicate lab tests or X-rays because one provider didn’t have access to information from another?

Have you ever spent time calling, faxing or copying your medical information after switching care providers?

With Point of Care Exchange, there’s no need to worry. You’re already connected.

South Dakota Health Link’s Point of Care Exchange supports exchanging a limited set of electronic patient chart information safely and securely among physicians, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other healthcare providers throughout our state. This program helps:

  • Enable healthcare providers to access a defined set of patient electronic chart information across the network of providers – allowing for faster, more accurate diagnoses and less time and effort for everyone involved.
  • Enable healthcare providers to share critical information immediately during a routine visit or medical emergency – helping eliminate the need for phone calls, faxing and mailing of charts and records.
  • Ensure that critical, life-saving information is available to the healthcare providers in the event of a medical emergency.

Currently, your healthcare providers can spend hours or even weeks gathering health information for their patients. Sometimes the information is not available at all.

The Point of Care Exchange is designed to help healthcare providers save time, improve care and reduce costs.

For more information and FAQs visit www.HealthIT.gov.