South Dakota Health Link Success Story

The right information can make all the difference. South Dakota Health Link’s real-time updates and extensive network of participating providers and organizations now gives healthcare professionals a better understanding of patient histories that lead to more effective decision making and more efficient treatment planning. The following success stories are just a few examples of how South Dakota Health Link is making better care possible every day.

The Health Link system revealed a patient had a history of MRSA so the provider was able to ask the patient for more details as she wasn’t upfront with this information.

Patient with a communication barrier was being treated for latent TB, which the surgeon was unaware and they were able to do better follow up to prepare for that patient’s surgery and see if he was even an appropriate surgical candidate.

A patient with multiple chronic disease states and medications was incurring high costs for brand name medication co-pays, per month, to manage her diabetes. SDHL allowed for a review of her previous medication regimen and recommendation for a less expensive, more effective medication therapy which provided a significant cost savings for the patient.

A patient arrived at the emergency room with shortness of breath. After accessing the Point of Care, the nurse found that he had lung cancer, which changed their plan of care/treatment and avoided duplicate testing.

Overall increase of 53.89% on MTM claims in reimbursement across 6 pharmacies due to109 new claims being submitted.

Pharmacist was able to access Point of Care to find diagnosis code and previously tried medications for a Prior Authorization.

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