Health Insights Request Form Now Live

Posted on: March 20, 2024   |   Category: News Releases
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We are excited to announce that the request form for the new Health Insights reporting tools is now live for SD Health Link members. To view the power of the Health Insights Suite of Tools, you can watch a recording of our 2023 Roadshows.

Request  Process

Once the member has submitted, the request will be reviewed by SD Health Link staff and analyst to determine if the deadline date can be met based on the priority of the item, the complexity of the request, and the present workload of the analyst.  The analyst will contact you if clarification is needed in your data request or if we are unable to fill your data request.  Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for the data request.  We understand that sometimes deadlines request a faster than normal processing of a data request, and we will do our best to accommodate that when possible. 

Health Insights Suite of Tools

Pop Analyzer: The Health Catalyst Pop Analyzer application is a visually-oriented application that allows SDHL to define populations quickly for members, without using sophisticated or customized SQL coding.  Through rapid ad-hoc analysis capabilities, Pop Analyzer enables organizations to reduce analyst workload and increase analytics productivity.  Analysts can leverage Pop Analyzer’s reusable elements such as value sets and populations to improve data governance and consistency. 

Pop Insights: The Health Catalyst Pop Insights application is a self-service visualization and reporting tool that empowers users to discover and share data-driven insights without the help of advanced analysts or data scientists. No coding is needed to create and customize mobile-friendly dashboards from a semantic layer that maps data to common healthcare terms.

To submit your data request form, click here.