2023 – SD Health Link Virtual Roadshow

Posted on: June 23, 2023   |   Category: News Releases
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Did you miss the SD Health Link Roadshows?  We are excited to announce we are offering a virtual condensed roadshow presentation.  Please join SD Health Link staff as we highlight and feature our new Health Insight’s Suite of Tools – Pop Analyzer and Pop Insights.


Health Insights Suite Overview and Demo

Austin Lawrence, Analytics Director, SVP (Health Catalyst)

  • Pop Analyzer Overview and Demo
  • Pop Insights Overview and Demo
  • Use Case Demos
    • Readmission Dashboard
    • Chronic Condition Dashboard 
    • Utilization Dashboard

Health Insights Suite of Tools

Pop Analyzer: The Health Catalyst Pop Analyzer application is a visually-oriented application that allows SDHL to define populations quickly for members, without using sophisticated or customized SQL coding.  Through rapid ad-hoc analysis capabilities, Pop Analyzer enables organizations to reduce analyst workload and increase analytics productivity.  Analysts can leverage Pop Analyzer’s reusable elements such as value sets and populations to improve data governance and consistency. 

Pop Insights: The Health Catalyst Pop Insights application is a self-service visualization and reporting tool that empowers users to discover and share data-driven insights without the help of advanced analysts or data scientists. No coding is needed to create and customize mobile-friendly dashboards from a semantic layer that maps data to common healthcare terms.

Use Cases

Readmissions:  Customized dashboard to understand the all-cause 30-day readmissions for the data submitted to SDHL. Health Insight tools look at the index admissions and readmissions, calculates the readmission rate and trends it in a Statistical Process Control chart by breaking down the data by various dimensions (age, gender, Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups, days between admits, facilities, etc.) to allow slicing and filtering of the data.

Chronic Conditions: Customized dashboard to better understand the patient population that suffers from multiple chronic conditions. Health Insight tools calculate the prevalence rate of the chronic conditions, provides high level metrics, and breaks down the data by various dimensions (age, gender, common combined conditions, etc.) to allow slicing and filtering of the data.

Utilization: Customized dashboard shows insight into the utilization of emergency department (ED) and inpatient (IP) stays for the population in SDHL. Health Insight tools trend the ED and IP encounters over time and shows insight into frequent (heavy) utilizers. Allows members to better understand the patients that consistently utilize services, by breaking down the data by various dimensions (age, gender, facilities, common diagnosis, and procedures, etc.) to allow slicing and filtering of the data.

Wednesday, July 12

3:00 – 4:00 CT