Close The Loop On Referrals

Posted on: March 12, 2021   |   Category: News Releases

With value-based care initiatives, providers are now responsible for overseeing cost and quality measures for all their patients, even when they go out of network.

Pre-determined provider selection, manual processes, one-way communication, and limit to patient information are barriers to success and contribute to lost referrals.

South Dakota Health Link is excited to offer a new referral solution that is integrated within the Point of Care Exchange.  This closed loop referrals enables members to eliminate time-consuming manual processes while providing a simple, innovative way to track, follow up and improve on transitions across an entire community of care.

Once referrals are placed, they can be managed by the sending and receiving care setting in a configurable worklist.  Providers can quickly gain access to pertinent clinical information via this worklist and, furthermore, message one another in real-time for further details.

Benefits of SDHL Referrals

  • Reduces manual process and improves collaboration between care settings
  • Customize referral questionnaires
  • Provide actionable worklists and notifications
  • Improved in-network utilization and patient retention
  • Monitor and track out of network referral patterns 

Gaps in communication may lead to patient harm, delays in care, continuation of incorrect treatment, increased length of stay and increased costs.  Effective communication is an essential ingredient for care coordination.

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